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Teaching Examples

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dance teaching: 
  • Teaching experience in multiple styles:
    • Hip Hop
    • Modern
    • Beginner and Intro Dance
    • Creative Movement
  • Comfortable teaching students of all ages (2 y/o - Adult) 
  • Creates an exciting classroom environment including games, activities, and friendly competition. 
  • Implores students with responsibility and trying their hand at creating their own choreo or improv movement.
classroom style:
theatre teaching: 
classroom style:
Arden 3.jpg
  • Teaching experience in multiple disciplines
    • Acting
    • Monologue/Scene Coaching 
    • Musical Theatre Dance
    • Movement for Actors
    • Playwrighting 
  • Experience teaching groups of all sizes from on-on-one instruction to large groups
  • Comfortable creating personalized course material and lesson plans 
writing instruction
Lesson Plan Example
classroom style:
  • Teaching experience in multiple styles
    • Poetry Writing
    • Creative Writing 
    • Personal Essay Writing 
    • Speech Writing/Coaching 
  • Exercises include examining word choice, ekphrastic writing, finding inspiration from the mundane, and more
  • Utilizes multiple genres of writing to create inspiration 
  • Inquire about K-12 English tutoring and ACT/SAT prep help
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