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Mariah Ghant (she/her) is a Black artist based out of Philly. An alumnus of Vassar College, she studied Drama and English focusing on Acting and Poetry Writing. Mariah’s work has been featured in three print publications with Z Publishing, as well as online with Distance Yearning, Lucky Jefferson, MixedMag, Diaspora Baby Blues, Passengers Journal, and Philadelphia Stories. Currently, Mariah is a reader with Philadelphia Stories. Forever fantasizing on the phenomenal, Mariah’s writing explores relationships, identity, and the cosmos. Visit her poetry Instagram @mariah.g.poetry or check out her artist website,


Diaspora Baby Blues - Winter 2021 Issue


Philadelphia Stories - Winter 2021 Issue


Mixed Mag - Poetry Collection


Passengers Journal - Vol. 1 Issue 3   &                Vol. 1 Issue 5

Lucky Jefferson - 365 Collection 

Distance Yearning - Issue 5 ​& Issue 7


Vassar Student Review 2016-2017 

Ex Libris - A Classroom Chapbook

Vassar Student Review 2015-2016  

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